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Bespoke Back Acne/Spot TreatmentBack Acne/Spot Treatment

There can be a number of factors that can trigger spots and acne, it is important to know what they are in order to help treat them effectively.  Congestion and problematic skin can be a challenge, however with the right skincare products, treatments and sometimes diet changes you can make a huge difference.

There are 4 key factors that cause acne and breakouts these are;

  1. Excess sebum oil production
  1. Bacteria (P.acne)
  1. Build up of dead skin cells
  1. Hormones

The first the three factors can be treated with topical skincare at home and in-salon treatments.  The fourth and sometimes the most important factor is hormones, which can be slightly more difficult to treat.  I recommend for clients who suffer with hormonal breakouts and acne a supplement called SKIN ACCUMAX.

Skin Accumax is a scientifically advanced nutritional supplement that works to clear the skin naturally from within. Containing specifically formulated Vitamins A, B, C and phytonutrients they can help to normalise and maintain healthy skin.

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Every client is completely individual and has different skin type, condition and concerns. Therefore, I recommend a bespoke back acne treatment so that I can decide the best course of treatment and products to help slow down and ultimately stop the breakouts, redness, inflammation that is occurring. The types of treatment that can be included are deep cleansing , skin resurfacing and/or chemical peels, light therapy and specially formulated vitamin products pushed deep into the skin.

Acne scarring can also be treated using micro-needling which can be really beneficial and effective along mesotherapy.

At the consultation it is important to discuss and consider other factors that can contribute towards acne and problematic skin;

  • Diet
  • Make-up
  • Lifestyle
  • Stress
  • Gut health
  • Medication

A bespoke back treatment will deep clean and control the bacteria p.acne that can cause spots leaving the skin clearer. To book a free skin consultation go online to

Home-care Product Solutions

To help clear the skin of breakouts this low pH creamy mask that assists in clearing the appearance of existing breakouts with a combination of exfoliating, leaving the skin looking visibly healthier and smoother. It helps to assist in hydrating the skin, reducing blockages and acne flare ups, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory on the skin and accelerates would healing.

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For further information, book a treatment or purchase any recommended products please contact Natalie on the contact details below.

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