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Bespoke Body Treatment

To help with fat reduction, cellulite, contouring and toning a bespoke body treatment using CACI micro-current, Radio Frequency and Vacuum Suction and Environ Body probe are layered to give a more effective treatment to give smoother and more toned legs, bum, arms, back or tummy area. A 1 hour treatment to treat 1 body area at a time.

Benefits include:

Tighter skin
Brighter skin with improved tone
Improved skin texture
Better skin elasticity
Help to break down and reduce fat deposits
Improve lymphatic system removing toxins from the body
Increased bloody flow, feeding the skin and muscles with fresh oxygen and nutrients.

A bespoke body treatment can be done on:

• Stomach
• Upper inner arms (bingo wings)
• Top of thighs
• Lower back area
• Bum

Like all body treatments it can give the best results combined with a healthy diet, regularly exercise and drinking plenty of water to help flush out fat and toxins. Some clients will see results after a couple of sessions but to see the very best results a course of treatment is required between 8-12 treatments, ideally 1-2 treatments per week over 4 weeks.  Results will be dependent on each individual client on how quickly they respond to treatment, age, lifestyle, diet, exercise and home-care routine.   I will take before and after pictures so we can track progress.

One-off Bespoke Body Treatment – £60

Course of 6 treatments – £330
Course of 8 treatments – £440
Course of 10 treatments – £550