Environ Cool Peel Season

blog-environ-cool-peelIt’s the perfect time to start an Environ Cool Peel. This treatment targets the signs of ageing, sun damage, acne, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles.

A safe way to have the benefits of a peel with no irritation, discomfort or recovery time. The Cool Peel treatment is designed to address problem skin, helping to clear the complexion and calm inflammation, achieving incredible results without damage to the skin.


A cream solution is applied to the skin in a way to give varying strengths of peel, designed to leave the Epidermis of the skin intact. The Cool Peel treatment removes the build-up of dead skin cells and helps to decongest the outer skin layers and smooth its texture, whilst boosting hydration, stimulating collagen production creating tighter and firmer skin.

To book your appointment or to discuss this treatment please contact Natalie on 07958439091.


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