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Jane Iredale Mineral Skincare Make-up

janeiredaleJane Iredale is a high quality mineral make-up that helps protect the skin so is a true extension of skincare. The mineral foundations make your life simpler too because they provide four important functions in one: foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skin care benefits.

The entire make up range has been through testing to ensure they are non-irritating and do not block pores. This is because they do not contain any toxins, talc, fillers, synetics or dyes. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, Jane Iredale mineral make-up gives fawless, even coverage, last longer than traditional make-up and allows the skin to breathe. With over 400 products within the range, the majority of the make-up is ordered in specifically for individual client requirements. Some of my popular products and my favourites are:

  • janeiredale2Smooth Affair primer and brightener
  • Glow Time BB cream
  • PurePressed mineral foundation
  • Active light under eye concealer
  • Just Kissed lip plumper – LA my favourite!
  • So bronze bronzing powder – great matte with abit of shimmer

Always in stock and available for clients to pick up are:

  • Magic Mitt – quickly removes make-up and dirt from your face using only water. Made from a new generation of specifically knitted micro-fibres which are able to penetrate the even oil make-up.
  • Bitty Brow Kit – contains everything you need for instant brow enhancement brow pigmented powder and wax.
  • Lip Drink – moisturising, protective lip balm available in various colours
  • Powder-Me SPF – Dry sunscreen that can be used on face and body and takes away the fuss of sticky suncreams
  • Smooth Affair Primer