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Hot Stone Massage
This is a deep, comforting, healing treatment enabling you to completely relax as the massage strokes with hot stones warms the skin allowing a deeper more relaxing massage. The combination of heat and deep massage results in relief of muscular tension, improved circulation and removal of toxins from the body. Full Body – £40 (60 minutes) Back, neck & shoulders – £28 (30 minutes)

Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is a variety of techniques specifically designed to increase blood flow, release toxins and stimulate the muscles of the body. There are many benefits some of which include; promotes relaxation, suppleness of muscles, stress and tension relief, speeds up the elimination of waste, healthier complexion and general well-being. Full body massage- £35 (60 minutes) Back & neck massage – £22 (25 minutes)

Pregnancy Massage – Pre & Post Natal
Pregnancy massage can be carried out pre or post natal. This lovely relaxing massage for mum-to-be uses special massage techniques designed to tailor to your changing needs as you progress through your pregnancy and post pregnancy whilst breast feeding. This is a wonderful massage to ease any aches and discomfort as well as: – Releases muscular tension – Helps reduce emotional stress – Helps avoid varicose veins – Induces deep relaxation – Improves a sluggish bowel – Helps lower blood pressure – Encourages the release of oxytocin – Enhances relationship with unborn baby Full Body – £38 Back, shoulders – £25

Deep Tissue Massage using Bellabaci Cups
Bellabaci Cupping Massage provides all the benefits of traditional Chinese Cupping benefits but with none of the drawbacks. Instead of the Hajima made of plastic or glass that tended to leave marks, the Bellabaci Massage Therapy System uses specially designed silicone cups that are hand squeezed to provide a vacuum that provide superior stimulation to the skin and underlying tissue. Benefits of Bellabaci Deep Tissue Cupping Massage are: – Relief from tight, sore muscles – Help with digestive disorder – Better circulation, better skin texture – Reduced cellulite – Relief from headaches and migraines – Improved appearance of stretch marks – Help with varicose veins – Deep tissue release without relative discomfort

Deep Tissue Back OR Leg massage – £25 (20 minutes)
Deep Tissue Back and Legs combined massage – £40 (40 minutes)

Head in Clouds / Indian Head Massage
Head in Clouds is a form of Indian Head Massage which encompasses a shoulder, neck, scalp and face massage. It works by relaxing and improving muscle tissues, inducing a sense of well being and helping to eliminate stress.

There are many benefits that can be experienced some include; release muscle tension, aids peaceful sleep helping insomnia, deep relaxation, relief from eyestrain, helps tension headaches and energises the body. Head in Clouds /Indian Head Massage – £20 (25 mins)

Hopi Ear Candles
A Thermo-Auricular Therapy traditionally used by Hopi Indians for centuries as a treatment for ear irritation, stress, pressure regulations, sinus problems, headaches, snoring, tinnitus, swimmers ear, cold & flu symptoms, migraines and relaxation purposes. Treatment is detoxifying, and is still working in the body up to 48 hours after. Hopi Ear Candles – £20 (25 mins)