Skin Resurfacing / Skin Peels

Skin Resurfacing / Chemical Peels2019-01-15T14:50:57+00:00

The focus is to maintain a healthy acid mantle ie. the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) and used controlled chemical skin resurfacing compared too traditional strong peeling.

pH formula is the first pharma-cosmeceutical based on technology of regenerative medicine. The dermatological skin resurfacing system targets specific skin conditions;

1. Ageing

2. Hyper-pigmentation

3. Acne

4. Chronic redness (rosacea)

The difference between traditional chemical peeling and controlled chemical skin chemical resurfacing:

Traditional Chemical Peels

  • Single acid
  • Excessive skin inflammation
  • Necrosis – killing cells
  • Deep peeling
  • High irritation/redness
  • Dramatic skin shedding
  • Long recovery

Chemical Resurfacing

  • Combined acids
  • Low skin inflammation
  • Cell stimulation
  • Superficial exfoliation
  • Low irritation/redness
  • Discrete skin shedding
  • Rapid recovery with anti-inflammatory properties


pH formula resurfacing treatments use a unique delivery system whereby providing controlled, targeted delivery of the active acids into the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and new skin cells with minimal destruction to the surface layer of the skin (epidermis).

There are two options available for skin resurfacing, an advanced specialist range that requires some pre & post homecare to get the optimal results and avoid reaction. The 365 range is available for anyone i.e. first time treatment, as no specific homecare is necessary, although a good skincare routine is always recommend to get the best longer term results.