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Only professional premium brands are used in treatments, using top quality products from reputable suppliers give clients peace of mind.



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Environ skincare gets outstanding results for all skin types and all ages. Whatever your skin concerns are, Environ unique Vitamin A & C based formulations give great results for addressing; photo-damage, acne, ageing, pigmentation and dryness to name but a few.

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Jane Iredale


Jane Iredale is a high quality mineral make-up that helps protect the skin as it contains no toxins, talc, fillers, synetics or dyes. It is weightless, lasts longer than traditional make-up and allows the skin to breathe.

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Advanced Nutrition


Advanced Nutrition Supplements give you healthy skin from inside the body, which can be as important as what you apply topically on the skin. The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is a cutting edge, salon-only range of supplements that supports skincare regimes.

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pH Formula

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Skin resurfacing system is targeted to the needs of your skin type – whether that is anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation, chronic redness, acne, wrinkles. Different treatments can be combined in a specially-designed program with controlled strength and depth depending on the sensitivity levels of your skin. Our ‘layer and leave-on’ treatments are self-neutralising so can be left on the skin. A package of integrated home-care products, help achieve the best possible results and maintenance.



Fusion have a comprehensive range of products that have been formulated for aesthetic professionals, designed to effectively target and improve specific skin conditions. The Fusion Mesotherapy range includes products containing the latest generation of pharmaceutical graded Growth Factors, Hyaluronoic Acid, Amino Acids, Biomimetic peptides and Vitamins.

Perron Rigot

Perron Rigot holds the patent on formulas for low-temperature waxes and is the inventor of no-strip disposable wax. Specialist hot non-strip wax for sensitive areas like bikini and strip wax is used in larger areas.